Zodiac Winteriser Pool Pack

Save $20 today and protect your pool to survive winter and be ready to be enjoyed with no hassles when the hot weather returns.

Winter is coming, the temperature is falling and it is just the right time to prepare your pool to survive the winter season and be ready to be enjoyed when the warmer weather returns.

The simple procedure of applying the Winteriser Pool Pack will prevent all those algae problems that occur during winter and ruin your pool by the time summer returns. It will save you time, money and efforts and your pool will stay crystal clear.

Zodiac's Winterizer Pack consists of 1L of Zodiac Pool Long Algaecide, 1L of Zodiac Phosphate Remover and 1L of Zodiac Natural Clarifier. These chemicals are proven to be the best combination to prepare your pool for the Australian winter.

While the Zodiac Algaecide takes care of all algae problems in the short term, the Starver makes sure that phosphates are eliminated. Phosphates are algae's nutrient, and they simply can't grow without them.

The Clarifier binds micro particles such as dust and dirt so they are easily removed via filtration. It helps prevent oil & scum marks and improves filtration efficiency​

  • Winter protection
  • Kills ALL sorts of Algae
  • Removes phosphates (Algae's nutrient)
  • Does not cloud water
  • Non-Stain formula
  • Suitable for all pool filters
  • Easy to follow instructions included
* To redeem this offer you must enter the promotion code "winter"  during checkout. Offer expires 29-06-2018 available until or until stock lasts. 

Winteriser Pool Pack Contents:
Zodiac Pool Long Algaecide 1L

Long lasting copper based formulation that attacks algae cells before toxic algal blooms take hold of your pool.
Zodiac Phosphate Remover 1L

Highly concentrated, organic formula removes the main source of algae nutrients to starve and prevent its growth.
Zodiac Natural Clarifier 1L

Organic formula that effectively binds micro particles such as dust and dirt so they are easily removed via filtration.