Zodiac MX8 MK2 Pool Cleaner with X-Drive Navigation - Above & In Ground - Wall Climber

A sophisticated pool cleaner that covers the whole pool and never gets stuck. MK2 is the latest version of the pool cleaner released in 2017 exclusively for Pool & Spa Warehouse.

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Product Description


Fed up with your “automatic” pool cleaner getting stuck? Is it leaving some areas of the pool untouched or not properly cleaned because it follows the hose or it is pushed by the flow?

Let Zodiac MX8 with X-Drive navigation technology get your entire pool, floor and walls, thoroughly cleaned with no fuss and no inconveniences.

Unlike suction pool cleaners, the Zodiac MX8 uses a sophisticated navigation technology to methodically drive around the pool floor and walls and cover the whole area. It can get in and out of the tightest spots with no fuss. It is fast, powerful, dependable and reliable.


  • Doesn’t Get Stuck: Equipped with sophisticated reverse engine mechanisms and sensors, the MX8 is capable of simply getting in and out of the tightest spots without getting stuck.
  • Cleans the Whole Pool: Unlike traditional suction cleaners that “follow the hose along”, the MX8 utilizes its advanced X-Drive navigation technology to drive itself around the pool effectively covering every area of the floor and walls.
  • High Performance Cleaning: Thanks to its dual cyclonic vacuum technology and wider cleaning path, the MX8 exerts its unsurpassed suction power to deliver a thorough, fast and aggressive cleaning like no other suction cleaner can.
  • Ideal for ECO Pumps: Its ultra-efficient low flow design makes it an ideal choice for pools fitted with ECO, Energy efficient, variable speed, dual speed or low flow pool pumps.
    Cleverly Energy Efficient: Works with a low flow rate which translates into reduced strain and longer durability for the whole pool filtration system as well as savings in electricity.
  • Floor, Wall & Waterline: Designed to clean the pool floor and walls up to the waterline in all pool surfaces and shapes.
  • 2 Years Warranty: Built to the highest standards of manufacture using high quality materials, the MX8 is a reliable and durable machine that will handle the tough cleaning job day in and day out without fuss.

    Key Features:

    • X-Drive Technology - allows it to navigate effortlessly through the water while aggressively cleaning the pool floor and walls up to the waterline.
    • Flex Power Turbine - propels it around the pool producing high levels of torque from low flow rates making the MX8 move without struggle while maximizing its energy.
    • X-Trax Tyres - allows the MX8 to operate in pools of all shapes and sizes, maneuvering through tight spaces and corners, makes it one of the most adaptable pool cleaners in the market.
    • Cyclonic Suction - Wider cleaning path and cyclonic suction capture large amounts of debris without letting anything get in its way.
    • Flow Regulator Valve - assists in running optimally and to extend its product life. The FRV bypasses excess water in high flow conditions ensuring that the cleaner is not put under undue strain.
    • Twist Locking Hose - Provides a simple yet tight and secure connection and prevents suction loss. Made of  premium highly durable and UV resistant materials.

    Product Specs:

    • Suitable for both inground and above ground pools.
    • Suitable for concrete, pebblecrete,quartzon, tile, fibreglass and vinyl pool surfaces.

    What's In the Box:

    • 1x Zodiac MX8 MK2 machine head (MK2 is the latest version of the pool cleaner, released in 2017 exclusively for Pool & Spa Warehouse.)
    • 12x authentic zodiac twist and lock, long life hoses (12 Meters)
    • 1x blue hose float
    • 1x Zodiac MX8 quick connector
    • 1 AD flow valve
    • 1x Universal weir cuff
    • 1x Pool Pulse
    • 1x Quick start manual

    2 Year Manufacturers Warranty



    SKU WC220
    GTIN 852669620330
    Warranty 2 Years
    Brand Zodiac
    Model MX8
    Product Type Pool Cleaner
    Hose Length (metres) 12
    Suitable Pool Type Inground, Above Ground
    Cleaner Type Suction Cleaner
    Suitable Pool Surface Concrete, Pebblecrete, Quartzon, Tiled, Fibreglass, Glass Beads, Vinyl Lined
    Cleaner Technology Mechanical (Gears/Turbine)
    Wall Climber Yes


    View FileZodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Brochure    Size: (1.29 MB)
    View FileZodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner Manual    Size: (15.71 MB)


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    13-Dec-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : They upgraded my order to the next model as the one I ordered was out of stock at no extra cost
    Product : Cleans well and quickly good machine
    11-Dec-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Delivered as expected
    Product : It manoeuvre all around the pool. Doesn't get stuck at all.
    06-Dec-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : I saw the product on line at another supplier and as I had bought items from P&S previously, I called and P&S price matched, so it was all go with not hitches. The person on the phone was friendly as usual so I had no hesitation in placing my order. I always tell friends about good... Read More.
    02-Dec-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : The service was very professional with a keep the customer informed type attitude
    Product : Great product with all the pieces needed coming with it very happy thanks
    29-Nov-2017 Service: Product:
    Prompt delivery system.
    27-Nov-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Excellent and prompt delivery
    Product : Works well but does not pick up all leaves without stopping. Only a small issue.
    25-Nov-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : A great service, ordered on weekend delivered and in the pool on Thursday. Could not ask for any better than that.
    Product : Awesome pool cleaner, does a great job.
    11-Nov-2017 Service: Product:
    04-Nov-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Website was very informative and the delivery of the product was very quick. Very pleased with the purchase.
    Product : Worked really well the first couple of days. My pool was looking so clean. A couple of days later I started noticing the pool was dirty and noticed the cleaner just...
    Read More.
    08-Oct-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Over the years I have used the net to buy items and have had many a wait and a few let downs. That sure wasn't the case with Pool and Spa right from the order date you done everything right price and delivery was spot on and I would highly recommend and will use... Read More.
    04-Oct-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Fast friendly service with great advice
    Product : Product works well and cost effective
    03-Oct-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Excellent service on the first purchase but l am still waiting on a call giving me a price for 1 Kg packs of Spa Brominating Tablets ?
    Product : Best pool cleaner I have purchased it is brilliant
    22-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Great staff & great service
    Product : The best pool cleaner. I have had
    17-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    12-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : No fuss, no troubles, just ordered the item payed the money and the item arrived as expected. Just what you need when buying on line
    Product : The mx8 works as described, does the complete pool and climbes the walls especially when the filter is clean and flow rate at its best. As...
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    11-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Fast efficient purchase and delivery. Some female employee a bit abrupt on th phone, tho...
    Product : Long leaves stop it.12345
    11-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    Service rating : Great prices great customer service prompt delivery all round excellent
    Product : Great product great support services
    10-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
    Next day delivery from Sydney to mudgee is unheard of. The after sales support and follow up is something lacking from nearly all retail organizations and they can take a leaf from this book
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