How To  Prevent Algae Forming In Your Pool

Algae is an unfortunate but extremely common contaminant in swimming pools. It is not only unsightly, but frustratingly difficult to remove and also harbors bacteria like e-coli that can pose a threat to swimmers’ health.

It is very damaging to pools, clogging both sanitation pathways and filters, while consuming chlorine that usually works to eradicate other contaminates.

Usually introduced into pools through adverse weather conditions, namely wind and rain, or even via contaminated pool cleaning equipment or swimwear, algae has the potential to wreck havoc on your pool very quickly if the pool’s conditions allow.

While elements like weather are obviously out of your control, there are a number of components that can be carefully monitored to ensure the algae doesn’t take hold and spread. Basic pool sanitation, swimming pool chlorinator, filtration and circulation are obvious factors, along with water balance and high phosphate levels. Algae reproduces rapidly in warm, sunny weather, so it is especially integral to maintain your pool through the summer  months.

Here are a few tips to avoid algae in your pool:

  • Use a phosphate remover
  • Algaecide swimming pool chemicals (algaecide is not only a remover of alga but also a good preventer of it) and can be added to your pool every 3 months
  • Keep your pool as clean as possible at all times to avoid external contamination
  • Regularly check pH and chlorine levels and use a chlorine enhancer where necessary


How to prevent algae from forming in your pool - Pool & Spa Warehouse

By Nick Aifantis