Polaris 3900S Spare Parts

Polaris 3900S Pool Cleaner Spare Parts

Number             Part No.             Description                                   


1  W7620000 Polaris 3900 Super Bag


 W7620010 Top Housing Assembly
3  WR0538000 Float, Head Kit
4  WR0537900 Canopy
5  WR0538100 Housing Top
6  W7230220 Screw, 10-32x3/8 SS Pan Head
7  W7620025 Vacuum Tube/Feed Pipe Ass
8  W7640000 Hubcap
9  W7430237 Tyre, Widetrax, Black
10  W7430218 Wheel Lock Screw
11  W7640040 D/sided wheel with Bearing 


13  W7640045  Wheel Sprocket Assy. w/bearing
14  W7640060  Wheel Spacer Pair
16  W7640010  Bumper
17  W7640015  Chain Tensioner Kit
18  W7640050  Rear Axle Block Assy
19  W7640055 Front Axle Block Assy
20   W7430221 Screw, 10-32x7/8" SS
21  W7640025  Gearbox Assy
22  W7640030  WMS Assy with O-ring
22A  WR0544000 O-Ring WMS Upper to Vactube Interface
23  W7620020  Rear Housing
24  W7620015  Bottom Housing
25  W7640036  Single Side Wheel
26  W7230253  Sweep Hose Attach Clamp Black 
27   W7630000  Sweep Hose Ring Blue
28  W7230208  Orifice Tip with Orifice Guard
29  W7230245  Sweep Hose Scrubber
30  TSP100  Tail Sweep Pro
31   W7630010  Sweep Hose Complete (Does not include tail sweep pro)
32  W7230325  UWF Restrictor Discs
33   W7230317  UWF Restrictor Kit
34  W7330325  Universal Wall Fitting (UWF)
35  W7230319  O-Ring, UWF
36   W7230323  Pressure Relief Valve Black
37  W7230304  Quick Disconnect, UWF
38  W7230302  Nut, Feed Hose
39  W7230322  UWF Connector Assembly
40  D44  Adaptor Hose 81/2"
41  W7230316  In-Line Filter Assembly
42  W7430231  Screen, In-Line Filter
43  W7230301  Float, Feed Hose
44   W7230303  Swivel, Ball Bearing
45  W7230305 Feed Hose, 10 Foot
46  W7230306 Leader Hose, 10 Foot
47  W7230308 Back-Up Valve Kit
48  W7230309 Mechanism for Backup Valve
49  W7430229 Feed Hose connector assembly
50   W7230307 Feed Hose Complete with UWF, No Backup Valve
51  WRO538200 Screw, Self Tapping, Canopy
52   WRO537800 Chain Guard