Hayward Pool Vac Ultra / XL (New Model) Poolvac Pool Cleaner

Sophisticated, reliable and hard-working pool cleaner second to none.

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Product Description


"Quiet and Intelligent"

Unlike typical suction pool cleaners that are pushed around by the hose and the currents, the PoolVac quietly drives itself around the pool following a predetermined programmed path intelligently designed to cover all of your pool without getting neither stuck nor tangled.

By using an exclusive turbine system it achieves a constant and balanced water flow while moving across the pool. This system makes it one of the most remarkably quiet pool cleaners in the market today.

The PoolVac shines where most fail: in pools of odd shapes and where pollen, sand and even twigs and pebbles are a headache. This, and the durability of the PoolVac, are the main reasons why people who try it never change to anything else.


  • Doesn’t Get Stuck: Equipped with sophisticated turbines, gears and steering mechanism the PoolVac is capable of getting in and out of the tightest spots without getting stuck.
  • Cleans the Whole Pool: Unlike traditional suction cleaners that “follow the hose along”, the PoolVac drives itself around the pool effectively covering every area.
  • Doesn't Tangle: Unlike most other mechanical and robotic pool cleaners, the PoolVac is equipped with an adaptive steering assembly that eliminates hose tangles.
  • Doesn’t Clog: Its superior turbine design allows for clear passage of dirt and debris, avoiding clogging issues that are common for typical suction cleaners.
  • Perfect for pollen, sand, twigs, leaves and pebbles: Its unique vacuum wings with downdraft design makes it one of the best cleaners for pool that suffer from pollen, sand, twigs, leaves and pebbles.
  • Suits all Pools, especially unusually shaped ones: Designed to operate in all pool surfaces, of all sizes and shapes. It is remarkably good in pools of unusual design, where most other cleaners fail.
  • Easy to use: It is remarkable easy to install, use and maintain. You can get it ready in under 10 minutes. 
  • 2 Years Warranty: Built to the highest standards of manufacture using high quality materials, the Pool Vac is an incredibly durable and reliable machine that will handle the tough cleaning job day in and day out without much fuss.

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Key Features: 

  • Exclusive Aquapilot programmed steering pattern ensures full pool coverage
  • No extra equipment required. Powered by your current filtration System.
  • Turbine technology. Cleans quietly.
  • Easy to use. Attaches to the skimmer or suction port in under ten minutes.
  • Specifically designed intake for very small and especially large dust and debris
  • Suitable for inground pools
  • Suitable for vinyl, granite / tile and fiberglass surfaces 
  • Wider and longer wearing wings 
  • Quiet operation 
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty 

Package Contents: 

  • Pool Vac Ultra Cleaner
  • Complete Hose Set (9 Connector Hoses, 1 Leader Hose).
    Total Lenght 11m (Each hose section length is 1.1m) 
  • Adaptor Cone
  • Regulator Valve
  • Flow gauge
  • Owner's manual

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GTIN 610377124201
Barcode 610377124201
Warranty 2 Years
Brand Hayward
Model Poolvac Ultra / XL
Product Type Pool Cleaner
Hose Length (metres) 11
Suitable Pool Type Inground, Above Ground
Cleaner Type Suction Cleaner
Suitable Pool Surface Concrete, Pebblecrete, Quartzon, Tiled, Fibreglass, Glass Beads, Vinyl Lined
Cleaner Technology Mechanical (Gears/Turbine)
Wall Climber No



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Customer Comment
03-Dec-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Excellent customer service.yes
Product : Is good but I don’t have it for long
02-Dec-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : it all went well.except for ebay saying we had not paid and we were going to get a black mark against our name, my wife spent about 2 hours trying to sort that out but as far as your delivery, service was excellant

regards ian johnson
Product : Works beautifully. We...
02-Dec-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Nothing a problem - paid for goods they arrive d and they work thank you
Product : Perfect and does the job than you
01-Dec-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very professional prompt and efficient service
Product : Great product, easy setup and works extremely well
01-Dec-2018 Service: Product:
good service prompt delivery good price
all of the things not available in Townsville
28-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : prompt delivery and item as ordered.
Product : because the one we had for the past 12 years lost one of the side thingies we just replaced the whole thing.
14-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Efficient delivery and quick turn around with order.
Product : works really great and silent
12-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Great service, order received in a few days. Would recommend.
Product : This is a replacement of an older model Hayward Pool Vac which worked perfectly for over 10 years.
06-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Right product, great price, turbo-charged delivery -stuff the local pool guy!
Product : Replacing worn-out ten year old Hayward -goes like a dream and the pools clean
06-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
04-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Prompt delivery exactly what I ordered
Product : Exactly what I ordered prompt delivery
03-Nov-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : First-time experience! So a great website, comprehensive information about thousands of products to decide what to buy, confidently. Easy and safe online purchase experience. Postal delivery by AUSPost was excellent & arrived a day earlier than estimated. Technical query by Phone was...
26-Oct-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Excellent service ... Great product ... Rianan in the Office has been a great help!!!
Product : Service and Support excellent
15-Oct-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Timely response to the order being placed. Personnel contact (email) from business owner within 24hrs. Goods well packaged and delivered as guaranteed. Product has met all expectations - will most definitely be a future customer of Pool and Spa - Well done. cheers Wayne
Product :...
28-Sep-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Great service and phone advice was also great.
Product : Works great with no problems
09-Jul-2018 Service: Product:
Prompt delivery - with reports on status of same.
10-Jun-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : They were ready to help. Advised what we should do. Purchased arrived very fast
Product : We had a Hayward pool cleaner previously and it was very good. New one works just as well
15-May-2018 Service: Product:
Excellent service and prompt delivery.
21-Apr-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : Prompt and efficient
Product : Seems to work really well, proof will be in how long it lasts.
05-Feb-2018 Service: Product:
Service rating : From time of ordering to time of delivery it was a very smooth operation
Product : Have owned a Hayward pool vac for over 20 years and couldn't recommend them highly enough
19-Dec-2017 Service: Product:
Service rating : Good website and efficient service
Product : My preferred pool cleaner
26-Sep-2017 Service: Product:
Service rating : Well to be totally honest I bought a cleaner on-line. However the cleaner was delivered a lot faster than I expected and works without any issues so I am happy.
Product : The pool cleaner was delivered faster than expected and works perfectly
11-Jun-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : excellent
Product : wonderful
05-Jun-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very happy with price, service and prompt delivery of product.
Product : Could not be happier with product and the performance of the product.
30-May-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : quick as
Product : great vac, had a creepy, this goes where other did not
24-May-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Great service. Very fast and easy.
Product : Works very well. very happy with the product.
20-May-2016 Service: Product:
good price, quick delivery
10-May-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Cannot complain as the service was excellent wish all companies i deal with were s professional
Product : Excellent pool cleaner. We have always had a hayward but this is the best one yet,
27-Apr-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : great service
Product : my order arrived in two days great service
11-Apr-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : The service and assistance was really very good.
Product : My Hayward XL works great
03-Apr-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Express service.
Product : Work well, good value.
02-Apr-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : I have bought pumps, saltwater chlorinated, pool cleaners etc etc and always been happy with the service...... Except read below about latest purchase....
Product : Contrary to the promotional material, the unit is highly suspestiable to clogging and stops constantly, the old suction...
20-Mar-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very happy with service
Product : It was a replacement to the one we had so very pleased with it
12-Mar-2016 Service: Product:
Delivered promptly, easy to install. Works well
01-Mar-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very responsive - good price - prompt delivery
Product : My sister-in-laws pool is sparkling clean
24-Feb-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Unit arrived on time as promised
Product : The unit is working well and does a great job cleaning the pool.
15-Feb-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Excellent
Product : Excellent
25-Jan-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very reliable service....
Product : One of the best products on the market..
24-Jan-2016 Service: Product:
After not being able to pay online due to a problem somewhere I rang and spoke to wonderful gentleman who was absolutely very helpful and full of knowledge which helped me to purchase the right product.
17-Jan-2016 Service: Product:
The product was delivered swiftly, however an installation DVD was missing - the manual and the company's website documentation said it would be provided. I complained by phone and was initially told that the DVD was not provided to Australian customers. When I pointed out that the documentation should...
10-Jan-2016 Service: Product:
Service rating : Very quick with delivery.
Product : Always had a Hayward pool vac. Only had this a week so will see how it compares to my old one which was 7 years old and never taken out of the pool.
16-Dec-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Disappointing to get a relatively expensive item in a box that has obviously been opened, damaged and taped back together
Product : Unfortunately the cleaner is getting stuck at times
26-Nov-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : (1) got address on order totally totally wrong. (2) had a question re the ceramic foot pads after delivery...never got back to me.
Product : works a treat
22-Nov-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Have now used you twice. Goods arrived to me 1 week after ordering.
Product : Love it. Far and away the best cleaner for our pool.
02-Nov-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Good Value compared to our local Pool Shop.
Product : We replaced an old Hayward Cleaner that works well for our small pool.
It's going well so far!
27-Oct-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Couldn't be beat
Product : First one was so good I bought another
26-Oct-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Great service
Product : Great product
25-Oct-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : the price was right and my item arrived quick
Product : haywards are the best
20-Oct-2015 Service: Product:
They advertise same day dispatch.. my order was not dispatched for 2 days after 2 phone calls..I also sent an email earlier to see if they would match the price of a competitor ..no reply for 4 days..
20-Oct-2015 Service: Product:
Service rating : Delivery was quick and efficient. The response to my query was acceptable and explained why 1 part was not included in the package
Product : Our Hayward pool cleaner is very quiet and efficient. It didn't take long to set up either once we got the right adapter.
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