Onga Pantera Series II P33 / PSF33 Sand Filter

Provides superior filtration for sparkling clear water

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Sand Filters are the most effective way to keep your pool water sparkling clean. They require little maintenance and will remove such impurities as dirt, leaves, grass, hair, body oils, sunscreen and even bacteria from the water. As dirt accumulates in the sand particles over the time, you only need to backwash the filter by simply reversing the water flow.

Onga Pantera sand filters have a reputation for durability and performance and are ideal for small to large domestic swimming pools. Designed to give maximum performance with superior filtration for sparkling clear water. Compatible with sand or Zelbrite - advanced filter media which filters finer than sand and gives your pool more clarity and sparkle.


  • Seamless fitler body 
  • Under-drain filter clamp 
  • Durable seals and gaskets
  • 6 Position Multi-port Valve
  • Barrel union pipe connections
  • Large in-line sight-glass
  • Glycerine filled Pressure Gauge
  • Compatible with sand or Zelbrite
  • 10 Year Tank Warranty with 2 Year Warranty on valve and gauge 


  • Increased strength from naturally UV stabilised material
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Flexibility in operating rinse cycle
  • Easy disposal of excess dirty water
  • Easy pipe work connection
  • Economical in water usage
  • Longer gauge life
  • Can be used with Zelbrite - filtering finer than sand for clearer, sparkling pool water

Note: Sand is not included.



      SKU P233200
      Barcode P233200
      Brand Onga
      Model Pantera P33
      Product Type Sand Filter
      Diameter (inches) 32
      Max Flow rate (LPM) 415
      Sand required (kg) 220
      Zeolite/Glass Required (kg) 165
      Plumbing 50mm
      Multi Port Valve 50mm
      Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 835x835x1170


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