RedLeopard Orbit Premium Automatic Pool Cleaner - 12m Hose - 2Y Warranty

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Premium automatic pool cleaner that incorporates the latest technology and design principles of the Pool Industry
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About RedLeopard

RedLeopard supplies some of the world’s most advanced and successful swimming pool cleaning products to the pool industry.

Their innovative swimming pool cleaning products are sold throughout the world 

The team at Red Leopard is made up of highly skilled, award-winning people with over 20 years of experience working in the swimming pool industry 

Before we even put pen on Paper

"We  passionately believe that before a new swimming pool product is developed, it is essential to listen to what pool owners have to say and understand their needs fully

Our  design team work closely with swimming pool owners to gain important insight into how people clean and maintain swimming pools, and then use that valuable knowledge to design and develop swimming pool cleaning accessories that make it easier to clean a pool and ultimately more enjoyable to own and maintain."

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Designed and built by former executives of Zodiac Pool Care, the Orbit is a premium automatic pool cleaner that incorporates the latest technology and design principles of the Pool Industry.

The Orbit is the result of many years of research and development in addition to valuable customer feedback from Pool Owners. It is exceptionally reliable, efficient, quiet and durable. It is also easy to install and set up.


  • Effective: Its superb balance design directs maximum energy to cleaning the pool. It climbs walls and does all surfaces
  • Fast: Its high performance disc, foot pad with large suction vents, powerful diaphragm, and flexible deflector ensure real quick results.
  • Quiet: Thanks to its design and use of proven Baracuda diaphragm technology
  • Durable: Built from high quality materials and more importantly thanks to its one piece body design there are no screws, clips or glue/weld parts that would allow the body to break-apart.
  • Ready to Go: It is easy to assemble and set up. Comes with complete instructions and diagrams.
  • 2 Years Warranty

Key Features:

  • High performance aero disc - designed for optimum suction and ease of movement around the swimming pool – effortlessly gliding along the bottom of the pool, up the sides and around steps
  • New footpad with 4 x large suction vents – for greater pick up of bigger debris, such as dirt, debris, leaves, bugs and pebbles
  • Powerful diaphragm drive technology – the heart of the machine, beating 360 times a minute to create strong suction and superb cleaning performance
  • One piece body for maximum strength – no nuts, bolts or clips (which can break easily)
  • Quiet and efficient – no electric power supply or additional plumbing required
  • Flexible deflector wheel – improves pool cleaning coverage and helps prevent Orbit from getting caught on steps, ladders or corners – keeping it cleaning effortlessly
  • Waterflow control – Orbit comes with a compact waterflow control device to automatically regulate the flow of water from the swimming pool to the skimmer, ensuring optimised suction and overall cleaning performance
  • No bags to empty – Orbit directs all dirt and debris straight to your swimming pool filter via the skimmer, so no need to empty or replace any bags
  • Ready to go – Orbit is easily assembled and working in minutes of opening the box
  • Baracuda Technology  – Orbit uses proven Baracuda technology including hoses and cassete diaphragm

What's In the Box:

  • Orbit Cleaner
    Complete with Footpad
  • Disc
  • 15 x 0.8m Hose Lengths (12m Hose);
  • 2 x Hose Weights
  • Flow Control Valve Adaptor
  • Deflector Wheel

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Link to Manufacturer: Red Leopard

Product Website:  Orbit Cleaner

redleopard orbit
Superb Balance
Ensures maximum energy is directed to cleaning the pool.


redleopard orbit pool cleaner   redleopard orbit   redleopard orbit
Super-Flex Deflector Wheel
Improves coverage and reduces sticking, by helping Orbit maneuver around tight corners, ladders and steps.
  Scallop Disc
Gives excellent suction profile for fast, easy and efficient movement around the pool
  Diaphragm Drive
The heart of the machine, beating 360 times per minute, provides strong suction and superb cleaning
More Information
Warranty2 Years
Product TypePool Cleaner
Hose Length (metres)12
Suitable Pool TypeInground, Above Ground
Cleaner TypeSuction Cleaner
Suitable Pool SurfaceConcrete, Pebblecrete, Quartzon, Tiled, Fibreglass, Glass Beads, Vinyl Lined
Cleaner TechnologyDiaphragm
Wall ClimberYes